Hi, I'm Alan Martin. I have been in love with photography for almost 30 years. In 1996, after finishing a year Langara Professional Photography Program, I began freelancing right away. In 2006 I moved to Toronto, started working for Henrys and started a photo studio. There I spent almost ten years honing my studio lighting skills. I have recently moved back to Halifax and started a new Photo studio with Joey Chapman of Atlas Photo.

We look after every Detail

Complimentary coffee, tea or cold beverage. We have state of the art equipment to ensure you look your very best. Use our hair and make up station. Choose your background. We can give you a business look or be more casual or both. Bring a friend for support. Choose the pictures you like most, right away and we will edit and send them within 2 business days. Put on a USB stick for safe keeping and client gallery for sharing.



“My experience at Halifax Headshots was the best. Very professional staff, beautiful studio and fantastic results!”

—Ray of Halifax

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